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Super Affiliate System Review

Hi There,

Bob Truesdale here with a review of the very popular Super Affiliate System by John Crestani.

The latest rendition is version 3.0.

So just what does the “Super Affiliate System” 3.0 offer?

This course targets the many that want to crack the code to becoming successful at generating substantial profits online. Most systems target becoming a standard nickel & dime affiliate but this is one all about becoming a super affiliate.

The program is typical in that it’s laid out in a step-by-step manner. However, unlike many other methods that leave you hanging in spots, John seems to be an excellent teacher that is very good at filling in the gaps which are certainly worth noting. Besides that, he is very good at emphasizing key points and very easy to understand.

I am not a prejudiced type of person, but it can be very challenging to be taught by someone other than U.S. English speakers, let alone someone from a non-native English speaking country. I mean, It can even be difficult to get every word from an instructor even from another English speaking country.

With that being said, here is what to expect from the very popular SAS.

You will learn John’s method to sniff out the best offers and all the best-proven ways to set everything up. This covers niche research, presell & landing pages to winning advertising campaigns with an in-depth focus on Facebook.

After the setup phase, the focus ultimately shifts to scaling these campaigns with awesome marketing strategies. I don’t know about you but it seems comforting to learn from a proven marketing master actively doing exactly what he’s teaching. Of course, it’s no surprise it doesn’t come cheap, but very few things of any real value do.

In this latest 3.0 version upgrade, it has an additional 120 plus hours of video training which is considerably more than the previous version. This is a 12-week course that’s heralded as teaching you everything you need to know and do, including advertising & marketing the correct way.

As mentioned, he strongly focuses on Facebook but also presents advertising on Google, Youtube, even newspaper ads, as well as native ad networks.

Here Is a Basic Overview of The Course:

Week 1 Module:

The basics of Internet Marketing and specifically as an affiliate, and an overview of advertising strategies. Again, John is as clear as you’d hope a good teacher would be.

Week 2 Module:

The best setup strategies for affiliate marketing success and the tools & software needed for utilizing proven intense psychological triggers deep within the human brain. This impulse triggers greatly motivate and significantly increase conversions.

Week 3 Module:

Delves into the world of landing, bridge, and squeeze page setup and the right recommended tools to achieve this. Here you’ll also learn about hosting, domain set-up, tracking conversions, and postback pixels. Week 3 covers many of the technical side of things, but they too are not difficult to follow along with.

Week 4 Module:

This module is about all things relating to content creation and advanced copywriting. This includes writing adverts for a campaign by identifying problems and pain points your prospect may have. This is an especially important step as we all aware that “content is king”, and not just any content.

Week 5 Module:

John reveals the entire process of advanced research tactics in this module. It’s also taught step by step which makes it easier for you to apply the same techniques as you follow along. He breaks down why pre-sell and landing pages are so vital within a marketer’s arsenal, and how to rip them.

Week 6 Module:

Tactics for advertising and proper optimization. How to be proactive with ad placements and removing others along with widgets and other types that produce unwanted and fraudulent activity. Also, learning his split-test methods and ad optimization the correct way.

Week 7 Module:

This section focuses on having the right mindset and mindset expansion. He’ll outline why people fail in internet marketing, and how to avoid pitfalls of why people fail. This is of great value to prevent these things from happening to you. Understanding what to look for to stay on the path of increasing your chances for success.

Week 8 Module:

Learning the power of networking and leveraging the success of others to enhance your own. A section on coding and also how to collaborate with Masterminds, JV’s, and affiliate managers and different accountability teams which will all help to accelerate your success.

Week 9 Module:

Delving into ad creation with Google Adwords and Facebook. Specifically targeting, re-targeting, and optimizing. John provides over-the-shoulder education with setting up and tweaking campaigns within the weight loss investment niches.

Week 10 Module:

This section is dedicated to the power of Facebook ads. John exhibits how to properly structure campaigns. He also has Facebook marketing expert Tim Burd show exactly how to structure a winning campaign that’s passed the acid test.

Week 11 Module:

Here John breaks down the native advertising strategies, what it is exactly and why it’s a virtually untapped source for creating effective advertising campaigns.

Week 12 Module:

This is the part of the course everyone should be expecting to get to. It’s all about expanding your business with scaling your affiliate campaigns. This is done only when a campaign reaches a certain profitable status. The ideal winning example would be one that is scaled from $100 per day profit to $1000 per day.


The course also comes with a handful of bonuses from recording sessions to downloadable swipe files & landing pages.

In closing, I will say this course is one of, if not the best coaching product I have seen so far in the make money online niche. It is no wonder it is a top seller. The S.A.S. is the real deal and with the new 3.0 version, it keeps getting better. This is a first-rate affiliate marketing training course targeting both new and seasoned marketers. There are other recommended tools, services, and platforms to pay for along the way, but the progress you’ll be making should make them not difficult decisions.

The old adage of “it takes money to make money” is over-exaggerated, but nonetheless still true to a large degree. This system requires minimal investments needed to obtain the goals outlined within this course. That being said, if a person is looking for a no investment opportunity that will get them the results this system proclaims you can acquire, then you may be looking for a very long time.

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Best of Luck!

Bob Truesdale