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LIVEreel Review

LIVEreel Review – How to Rocket to the Top of Google, Facebook and YouTube, Without SEO? 


Name: LIVEreel 

Product Owner: Abhi Dwivedi 

Website: Click Here 

Price: $37.95 



What Is LIVEreel?

By now you likely know the importance of marketing on social media sites, but were you aware that Facebook’s algorithms put live videos higher up in a user’s news feed than other types of content? When you consider this fact against the idea that Facebook users often spend 300 percent more time viewing live content than any other type of videos, you can clearly see how this would be beneficial for your company.

Even with this knowledge, some people may feel wary or anxious about going live before so many people. With LIVEreel, you can upload pre-recorded videos that will then be streamed as a live feed, taking the heat off while still accessing this important platform. Not only this, but you can “stream” these videos on as many as 15 platforms without actually having to be live. This program takes all of your videos and makes it appear as if it is completely live, and will draw in more traffic because of that.

Who Is LIVEreel Suited for?

LIVEreel is a software that is incredibly easy to use, meaning that it is suited for newbies and experienced marketers alike. Even so, this program assumes that you are already creating videos and online streams, and it assumes that you know what you want to sell and how to sell it. Because of this, it is particularly well suited for those who are slightly above the newbie level. In a nutshell, anyone who is using videos to bring traffic to their company and create sales may get something out of transforming standard videos into livestreamed ones instead. It is geared mostly toward:

  • Ecommerce store owners
  • Local marketers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Advertisers
  • Social media marketers
  • Product creators
  • Marketing agencies

Three Things to Love About LIVEreel

Everyone loves to take simple paths to solutions for problems they are experiencing, and LIVEreel is designed to relieve those who are camera shy of the pressure of going live before a large audience. This platform is ideal for those who get anxious in front of crowds and are nervous about misspeaking or freezing on camera. It takes away all of that fear and allows you to send out pre-recorded videos that you can keep remaking if you make any mistakes up until you feel confident enough to show them on the internet. This will help your professional image, as people will see that you are confident in what you are doing.

LIVEreel also livestreams to as many as 15 social media platforms at the same time, helping you to extend your reach as much as possible. Because it is streaming all at once, you won’t have to worry about someone missing out on your live stream just because they are currently using a different platform at the time that you are going live. This will help attract more people than ever to your site.

LIVEreel even makes sure that there is no dead giveaway that you aren’t actually live on camera. It does this by allowing you to give auto-generated responses to certain comments and questions from those who are watching the livestream, making them think that you are chatting with them live, which is a crucial thing to do to interact with the customers. This will also help keep them engaged during the livestream.

What Do I Get With LIVEreel?

When you order LIVEreel, you will get the entire software platform, including:

  • Scheduling livestreams at the most optimized times
  • Go live on as many as 15 platforms at a time, including important venues like YouTube and Facebook
  • Embed your video right onto your website
  • Bring to life eye-catching frames that will make people watch
  • Automatic filters will stop spam from appearing in the live stream
  • Insert background music to keep customers engaged
  • Generate automatic replies to any customers that talk to you
  • Include captions in a variety of different languages to reach as many people across the world as possible
  • Any angry customers can be dealt with using automatic messages in private

Watch LIVEreel in action right here

Are There Any Downfalls With LIVEreel?

The only thing that might stand in your way is whether or not you are already creating videos or whether or not you know how to. This program doesn’t serve as a teaching tool and it won’t show complete newbies how to make new video content. Those who don’t have any idea what to do when it comes to making videos won’t benefit, but those who at least have a little idea about how to do it will.

Are There Any Bonuses With LIVEreel?

Not necessarily, but the knowledge of how you are benefiting from the different features is more than enough.


Final Thoughts

With the ability to live cast without having to actually be live, you can enjoy peace of mind while also getting your videos out there through some of the most efficient avenues possible. It is definitely going to be beneficial for content generators who tend to be camera shy.