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Lingo Blaster Review

Lingo Blaster Review – How to tap into the 75% of potential customers most likely IGNORING you… 


Name: Lingo Blaster

Product Owner: Ali G, Stoica & Vlad 

Website: Click Here 

Price: $37 


What Is Lingo Blaster?

Those who are native English speakers may feel it is a natural thing to put focus into their marketing efforts solely in English because, oftentimes, we are predominantly surrounded by other English speakers and advertisements. It may be surprising to learn that only 25 percent of searches conducted online are completed in English.

With Lingo Blaster, you can get your content out into the world by translating your videos into more than 100 different languages. Each one of these translated videos is then published straight to your YouTube account, making them instantly accessible to foreign customers. It is smart enough to add in local keywords that these potential customers are using to search products, helping to put your product or service at the top of foreign language searches, reaching the largest audience possible.

By using this service, you will be making it 100 times easier to rank across the world in common languages such as Spanish, Cantonese, German, Bulgarian or any of the other 100 languages that are available in the software.

Who Is Lingo Blaster Suited for?

Lingo Blaster is so easy to use that it can be accessed by virtually anyone, from veterans to newbies. That said, this program will be using your existing videos, so it is better if you already have some content established before signing up. So, from this point of view, it is aimed toward those who are at least a little experienced. With that said, it is simple for just about anyone that uses videos to help generate better sales and traffic to the untapped 75 percent of searches that they have been locked out of. This includes:

  • Video marketers
  • Digital marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • CPA marketers
  • Website Owners

Three Things to Love About Lingo Blaster

The simplicity comes with just being able to upload a video and then translate it into a variety of languages in only three clicks. Not only does it save time, but it saves plenty of money on hiring translators for all of the languages that you want to translate each video into. The ability to have keywords automatically generated also takes so much time out of research, leaving you with time to focus on other aspects of the business

Not only this, but it lets you skip around all of the difficult or arduous tasks that are likely to frustrate new marketers and bore veteran marketers, including backlinks and search engine optimization. You get to leave those frustrations to those who are still trying to compete in the heavily competitive English market, and you can blaze trails in the untapped foreign language markets that they aren’t even considering. Your video is more likely to stand out because it will be aimed at these potential customers in the language they are most comfortable with instead of in English, which they may struggle to understand and connect with. This may help your traffic to convert more swiftly on its own, well before SEO and backlinks come into play.

Finally, Lingo Blaster will let you breathe new life into your old videos that might not have been performing so well in the English market. It is likely that over time your older videos will begin to lose their traction, and you will be losing sales. Instead of creating brand new videos, you can simply twist the older ones to become more relevant in other languages.

What Comes Inside of Lingo Blaster?

When you use Lingo Blaster, you are getting full access to the intuitive software, including:

  • Translation of any video into several different languages at once, giving you several usable versions
  • Automatic translation of your video into more than 100 languages
  • A search engine optimization tool that will help your translated videos rank locally using important keywords
  • The ability to upload many different versions of the video at one time straight to your YouTube account instead of uploading them all at once

Are there any downsides to Lingo Blaster?

The only thing that might make Lingo Blaster an inefficient method for you is if you aren’t already creating videos for your marketing. If you don’t have much experience running an online business to find out what works for you and what doesn’t, Lingo Blaster may not be for you. If you have at least a little experience making money using such videos, having them translated into so many languages will help propel your business into the rest of the 75 percent of the market.

Are There Any Bonuses That Come With Lingo Blaster?

There are two main bonuses. The first is a 30-minute ranking machine that will let you have each video created and ranked with keywords. You’ll be taught how to create these videos, how to upload them and how to rank them on the top page on YouTube. You will also get private training lessons that will teach you the secret to ranking higher.

Final Thoughts

Lingo Blaster seems like such a necessary and helpful tool that it’s a wonder it hasn’t been thought of sooner. For those making money online, there is no better time than to start using it. Taking advantage of the non-English speaking market has the potential to help you quadruple your sales, and because it is so user friendly, fast, and simple, there is really no reason not to give it a try.