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Bob Truesdale

I was drawn into the world of the PC like millions of others back in the early 90’s. There was something so different and exciting about the possibilities of what that machine could do. I first would just stare at that mesmerizing windows screen saver. I’m sure if you’re old enough, you know the one 🙂

It didn’t take long to get caught up in getting the fastest processor, more RAM, better graphics card, and storage, etc. It was hard to see how long it would take to get past the infamous dial-up connections, but we put up with it because we had nothing to compare it to.

The way the internet exploded on the scene sent my interest level to the moon and sealed the deal of knowing things would never quite be the same. I could never have imagined just how incredible the technology became and just how vast and connected things would have gotten.

I have always been of the dreamer variety, and the world of computing is tailor made for my type because of the possibilities the technology possesses. My first dream was to be a major league baseball player. My first cousin not only was, but he even pitched in the 1980 all-star game in Los Angeles. He even did it with the team I loved in my childhood years in Chicago. It was an exciting thing to see someone from my own bloodline live a dream, even though it wasn’t me!

In my later teen years, like half of the youngsters on the planet, I wanted to be a rock star. I dabbled with the bass guitar, played in garage bands, and once at a school gym in front of maybe 500 people. I may have had enough talent to go further, if developed the right way, but I was lacking something in my overall desire. I really like music and being a musician, but I believe the ones that make it are downright obsessed with it. Their love for it and desire to make a living with it, is just on another level.

I am passionite about computing, internet marketing, and really many things related to modern technology. To make a solid living by marketing to people all over the planet is an amazing thing. How far we have come in 25 years is truly astonishing!

I grew up in a very large family where there were 9 siblings younger than me when I was 12 years old, yeah right, that’s not a typo, there were 11 of us born of the same two awesome parents that had us 11 in less than 14 years. A very humble upbringing to say the least with a lack of funds being the norm, but through love and respect for each other (and others), is how we were taught and how we persevered.

I learned very early about helping Mom with the younger ones, and I still enjoy helping others to this day. It comes natural and always feels like the right thing to do especially if you’re in a position to do so. This is a motivating factor in my online businesses. This is how I was taught, to be as helpful to others as you can possibly be. As the old saying goes “we’re only as strong as our weekest link”. This is a powerful modow to live by that if adopted by more of the worlds inhabitants, it would clearly be a much better place.

My objective here is to be just that way, the way of helping through providing value and support. The opportunities abound for tapping into the vast internet for providing value and in return make an honest living have grown exponentially. They are there for the taking for those that put forth the effort. To get started, being positive and having an open-mindset are essentials. Succeeding at making money online does take a substantial amount of work, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Focus, perseverance, and the belief that success is imminent will make it happen!

Bob Truesdale