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4 Easy Ways to Get Rolling


I remember when I was starting out, there just seemed to be way too much to it. It is an overwhelming sense of frustration with just which is the “yellow brick road”, or in this case “green”. In my opinion, the best place to start is to generate some income if only for the very least to gain the confidence that it’s not a myth that making money online is not that difficult. It may not seem like a whole lot, but there are plenty of struggling people searching for a way to to have a stronger “be at home” presence. And… if you feel like you’re vastly underpaid for the time you trade for your efforts, then these systems can replace even a $2000 per month income.

4 Beginner Methods

Let’s get into some of the easier ways to make some cash online. If you’ve been going down this road for any stretch of time, making money online that is, then you know the drill! There are thousands and thousands of methods abound!

The Question is: How many actually work, and are fairly easy to setup? I’m sure you’ve heard the term “passive income streams”, and in the end with thinking “logically” it’s about taking baby steps to succeed in the long term. More than half the battle is simply just getting started.

That being said, there really are some fast avenues to generate quick cash. Here are but a few that have showed some good results. Simply go to these sites and jump through the hoops as outlined.


Here you get paid to give feedback on all kinds of things, such as, music tracks, clothing, different apps, etc. Some have been making $10, $20, and even $30 per day doing this.


This is another “get paid for testing” site. You get paid to test out websites, apps, and other things. A pretty simple format that claims you earn $10 straight to your PayPal account for every 20 minute video you complete.


This is more of doing menial tasks, such as creating text, organize data, copyediting, proofreading, web research, and doing surveys. The pay is nothing to write home about, but then again, either is working some minimum wage job either. This could also be a trickle stream that when combined with some of these other platforms, with inputing a minimal amount of time can be worthwhile.


Amazon Mechanical Turk is doing tasks, such as typing things out, proofreading, checking that things are working smoothly with their sites and everything’s AOK. So once again, small amounts are paid but with a fair work ethic and typing ability, it’s very doable for some passive income. It’s through Amazon, and there’s no shortage of tasks, so you’ll never run out of work. It’s pretty much the same thing, such as organizing data, categorizing items, giving feedback, and moderating content. It’s also very simple, with very minimal skills needed. Again, it’s Amazon, so you know it’s legit. Pay is not crazy, but for a minute of your time, you can get a dollar, 50 cents, but it adds up for sure. Compared to minimum wage jobs, being somewhat aggressive can certainly top that!