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12 Minute Affiliate

Is this truly a shortcut to succeed with affiliate marketing?

In today’s world of affiliate marketing there is no shortage of ways to start making a living online, or at least as a profitable side hustle. Today we’ll have a look at 12 Minute Affiliate.

I believe there is some real value in this course, but that being said there are also the typical fast track pitches also known as hype. In the real world, there is not a lot of promise to buy into any “done for you” system. The main reason is you’ll be instantly competing with thousands of others aiming for the quick buck as well.

Like everything else, it takes some time to learn marketing the right way. This includes learning all the basic essentials, such as, being able to put together content that makes sense along with sales letters, unique landing pages, and enticing email follow-ups.

One of the biggest pit-falls, is buying into the solo ads solution, or shall we say solo-ad land of quick sand. You must realize the people on these lists are getting bombarded with even the same offer by countless others doing the exact same methods.

And if you use the vendor’s free email swipes without editing into something unique and better into your follow-up series, then it’s just the same issue of climbing on-board with hundreds, if not thousands of people doing the same things with the same materials.

The true rule of thumb is you’ll get out of all of it what you put into it. By learning real marketing methods, such as ads with Facebook, Bing, or even Adwords you’ll be way better off.

For someone just starting out with affiliate marketing, there is value in the 12 minute affiliate especially if you don’t take the lazy way out and buy into the “done-for-you” upgrades. Doing things yourself and gaining the experience in accomplishment is the way to go!